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Training and Development


We offer a variety of approaches and methods in order to accelerate the transition from traditional to digital learning and facilitate knowledge transfer, operational efficiency and effective organisational change.

We recognize that traditional forms of training – which require time away from an employee’s desk – are resources and money out of company pockets, and can often be laborious, tedious and time-consuming. In our current fast-paced, technologically-driven professional environments, applied e-Learning solutions are considered the most practical, cost-effective and exciting way of “Implementing the Future”, by providing performance improvement training on your schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in delivering your training via e-Learning. Our team of consultation specialists is ready to work with you to either develop and deliver your training content or transform your existing content into a captivating and specialized E- Learning programme that aligns with your business goals.

Our Training and Development Solutions include:


Micro Learning

Scenario Building

Online Training Courses

Blended Learning Consultancy

Digital Learning Design Strategies

What are the benefits of WavesPath online and digital training Solutions?

Faster Deployment

HR policies, Business Trends, Government Legislations are all highly agile and rapidly changing. Organizations must therefore readily and quickly adapt to these changes to maintain their pace with competitors and avoid their employees becoming obsolete in their knowledge and skills. Our courses can be deployed quickly and conveniently, so that employees are able to acquire new information or skill sets almost immediately. Content can also be scaled down to custom rich media micro-learning modules that provide just-in-time training to sharpen or develop key skills.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Our self-paced digital learning gives employees a greater sense of autonomy in managing their time and balancing core tasks. Since digital learning gives employees the freedom to train on downtime, on-the-go or in their free time, they can prioritize better leading to much higher productivity and greater efficiency. The convenience of digital learning means employees can acquire new skills and training on-demand without the conflict of losing key productivity hours.

Affordable Training

One of the most common decision factors in implementing any training or development programme is undoubtedly, cost. When content acquisition, printed training materials, on-site facilitators, venues, refreshments, etc. are all factored in the cost of delivering a traditional learning experience can become quite exorbitant. WavesPath’s digital learning is completely scalable and cost-effective when compared to traditional face-to-face employee development and can be easily refreshed and reused, expanding its initial value.

Accessibility is Key

WavesPath Digital learning literally brings training and development to the tip of your finger. It can be delivered across the web and accessed from computers, tablets and mobile devices giving employees the flexibility to learn when and where they want to. Getting a team together at the same place and time can sometimes be a challenge but digital learning allows each individual the flexibility and convenience to work at their own pace on their own time.